At Küp Winery, we move forward with our values in the journey from soil to bottle to offer consumers the finest wine made from the best grapes.


Organic Farming and Viticulture

A wide variety of chemicals are widely used in agriculture to increase production. The residues left by chemical pesticides on agricultural products and the negative effects caused by synthetic mineral fertilizers contaminating groundwater and drinking water have started to pose a threat to human health.

At Küp Winery, we have adopted a completely organic philosophy, free from chemicals, in both agriculture and viticulture, and have passed this on from generation to generation.

Taste Quality

The greatest thing that has remained unchanged from our founder to the present year is the taste of Küp Wine. The care and effort shown in the vineyard on this journey of taste. The meticulousness in the process from harvesting the grapes in the vineyard to entering the barrel.

The customer satisfaction in our products presented to you from the barrels has been the source of our flavor over the years.

Technology and

We closely follow emerging technologies and use them to improve our products.

We always prioritize the health and safety of our employees by implementing necessary regulations.

We consistently implement the Quality, Environmental, and Food Safety Management Systems Standards.