Our Founder

H a s a n A L T I N T A Ş

Hasan ALTINTAŞ, the sixth and youngest child of Yusuf and Ümmühan ALTINTAŞ, was born in 1928 in Bekilli, Denizli. His father, Yusuf ALTINTAŞ, a marble craftsman, served as an artillery sergeant in the Ottoman army for 16 years, participating in the Balkan War, Sarıkamış, and finally the Gallipoli Campaign at Anafartalar, and returned as a veteran.

When he first returned from the military, he worked as a traveling cinema operator, and later took up his father’s trade of stonemasonry. In 1949, he married Hatice Erenler, the daughter of Evliya Mustafa. In 1950, he started hat-making and maintained a close friendship with a Jewish hat maker until his death.

our founder

H a t i c e A L T I N T A Ş

Landing at Winery Organic was the fulfillment of a vision. I believe wholeheartedly in our mission and approach to wines because that’s how I like to live my life: simply and driven to excel. As Director of Hospitality & Sales, I am responsible for leading guest relations and helping grow the Flâneur winery. When I’m not traveling and forging new sales partnerships, you’ll find me splitting my time between hosting guest tastings and designing the Grain Elevator—or watching Seinfeld or playing guitar.