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T h e F l a v o r A w a r d - W i n n i n g W i n e S t o r y

Hasan ALTINTAŞ used to say in conversations with his friends that he would live for 500 years…. This statement was interpreted as his eccentricity. While continuing to work towards realizing Hasan Altıntaş’s dream of a 500-year lifespan, efforts are being made to ensure this lasting vision is passed on to future generations through new projects.

Throughout his long years in the factory, he didn’t just focus on the production process. He also closely addressed the issues of all grape producers, working towards making higher quality wine. Alongside capacity expansion and modernization efforts, Küp Wines also engaged in cultivating new vineyards and experimenting with both local and foreign new grape varieties.


90% of a good wine comes from the processes and climate in the vineyard, while only the remaining 10% is determined by the processes in the winery.

The quality of the grapes and the wine in a given year is influenced by how the seasons progressed, the amount of rainfall, changes in day and night temperature differences, soil composition, and whether the vineyard is located on a slope or flat terrain, among many other factors.

The grapes grown in our fertile lands, especially in Bekilli, have been reaching you in their highest quality for centuries.

Notes from Küp

T h e P o i n t o f G o o d W i n e

"Wine is human. Human is wine. Whatever exists in a human exists in wine. Wine is a living entity."

Hasan ALTINTAŞ, Founder

First Produced

C h e r r y W i n e

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In 1958, while working in his hat-making shop, Hasan Altıntaş realized that the cherry syrup his wife, Hatice Hanım, made and brought to the shop was actually an excellent cherry wine. He then spent 10 years experimenting with cherry wine production and finally launched his first cherry wine in 1968. This year, Hasan ALTINTAŞ, achieving yet another first in his time, prepared the first wine commercial and ensured its screening in cinemas.