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W i t n e s s t h e A g e d S t o r y o f K ü p W i n e s

Starting with an initial capacity of a 700-liter vat and producing classic wines, Küp Winery increased its capacity to 200,000 liters in 1972. In that year, by an interesting coincidence, cherry wine was discovered. This highly appreciated wine marked the beginning of the production of dry cherry wine. In the following years, other fruit wines were also experimented with but could not be brought to market due to the regulations of the time.


O u r V i n e y a r d s

Witness our long story shaped by years. A legendary journey from the vineyards to the barrels.

Presenting the award list of the last 10 years for KÜP wines, which never miss winning an award each year.


T h e J o u r n e y o f A w a r d - W i n n i n g F l a v o r s