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Küp Winery was founded in 1959 by Hasan ALTINTAŞ in Bekilli-Denizli.

The winemaking history of the region dates back to the Phrygian era in 1200 B.C. During those times, the area, then known as Pepuza, produced fruit wines such as cherry and pomegranate in amphorae, along with grape wine. Today, the region boasts a wide variety of wine grapes and is home to new grape trials, benefiting from very suitable soil and climate conditions for wine grapes.

Küp Winery

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E k i b i m i z l e T a n ı ş ı n

Ahmet Mehmet

Founder & Owner

Murat Toy

Executive Director

Ayşe Fatma

Senior Winemaker

Hayriye Çiftetelli

Viticulture Manager

From Past to Present

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Küp Winery was founded in 1959 by Hasan ALTINTAŞ in Bekilli-Denizli.


Cherry Wine

Starting with an initial capacity of a 700-liter vat and producing classic wines, Küp Winery increased its capacity to 200,000 liters in 1972. In that year, by an interesting coincidence, cherry wine was discovered.


First Award

The production of the first Küp Cherry Mistelle Wine began in 1980. In 1982, it won a medal at the First International Tekirdağ Wine Competition organized by Tekel.


Best Private Wine in Turkey

In 2003, Küp Cherry Mistelle Wine was chosen as the best private wine in Turkey by the readers in a competition organized by Gusto magazine. In the following years, it won this award multiple times on different occasions.


Organic Production

Küp Winery, closely involved in ecological farming, launched the “Küp Artemis Organic Wine” in 2003. The vineyards where this wine is produced, our factory, and every stage of production have been certified for organic production by an international certification company.


Oak Barrels

In line with new and higher quality product development, Küp Winery began producing wine in oak barrels in 2010. In the same year, it launched Küp Cherry Demi-Sec Wine with an alcohol content of 10.5 degrees.